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Press conference MAN

Press conference Scania

Press conference VW Caminhões e Ônibus

Press conference RIO


Interview with Florian Stehbeck, Digital Innovation Manager of MAN

Interview with Anders Nielsen, Chief Technical Officer TRATON GROUP

Interview with Sebastian Sorger, CEO of Loadfox GmbH

Brand RIO PANEL with CEO Jan Kaumanns

Interview with Laura Nussbaumer, Logistics Entrepeneur

Interview w Udo Schiefner, deputy spokesman for transport policy, SPD

Talk with Bernhard Mattes, President of VDA

Talk with Dirk Große-Loheide, Chief Procurement Officer at TRATON

Talk with physiotherapist Carola Lachenmayer about drivers health

Talk with Alexander-Cosmin Teleki about the workplace of truck drivers

Interview with Thomas Rosenberger, Editor in chief of “Der Fernfahrer”

Interview with Dr. Kurt-Christian Scheel, Managing Director of VDA

Interview with Roberto Antonio Cortes, CEO VW Caminhões e Ônibus

Interview w. T. Aquila, founder, Chairman & CEO of Solera Holdings, Inc

Interview with H. Kobernuss, President TRANSFRIGOROUTE DTLD e.V.

Interview with Matthias Maedge, IRU General Delegate

Interview with Thomas Zernechel, Head of Volkswagen Group Logistics

Talk with ambassadors of the TRATON brands

Talk with Joelicio Silveira, Vice President Digital Services

Talk with Mandy Müller, Scania and Livia Simoes, Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus

Talk with Rainer Bernickel, founder of Doc Stop

Interview with Oliver Detje, Publishing Director DVZ

Talk with Jochen Quick, President of the German Association BWVL

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Ambassador Program


AMBASSADOR PROGRAM – Juliana Frech, VW Caminhões e Ônibus


AMBASSADOR PROGRAM – Karin Callin, Scania


Housewarming, September 18

Dual Brand Platoon MAN & Scania

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